Welcome to Pacodu Exotics!

Pacodu Exotics is a fully licensed and insured exotic animal education, exotic animal outreach and exotic animal entertainment company. Here at Pacodu Exotics, we have captive bred, hand-reared exotic animals that are sure to bring a unique and exciting attraction to any event! Below are just some events that Pacodu Exotics would be an enchanting fit for:

·                     Festivals/Fairs/Malls/Carnivals

·                     Church Programs

·                     Scout Meetings/Camps

·                     Day Care Facilities/In-house field trips

·                     Birthday Parties

·                     Nursing Homes

·                     Open House/Grand Opening Events

·                     Library Programs

·                     Corporate Events

·                     Schools/Classroom Enrichment Programs

·                     Animal Exhibits/Mobile Mini Zoo

·                     Other function:  Contact us!

Please see a more detailed description of events in our ‘Description of Events’ page.

“Safety FIRST for both our animals and for YOU!  We ensure an amazing and unforgettable experience with animals from all over the globe!"



About Us

Pacodu Exotics is a privately owned, fully licensed with the Federal Government USDA, and insured animal outreach company.  Pam Sweeney, owner and animal care-taker of Pacodu Exotics, was born with a special gift to rescue and care for all kinds of animals...furry, scaly, feathered, and yes even smelly and prickly!


Our Services

We offer two fun-filled programs:

* Interactive lecture/presentation of exotic animals

* Display/Exhibit of exotic animals

Both programs are loads of fun for all ages at any setting or event. Base package includes 10-14 small animals that contain a mix of mammals, reptiles and birds. Larger animals are available for additional fee. All animals are handled completely by Pacodu Exotics' personnel. Any touching/petting of animals is at the discretion of Pacodu Exotics.